Author Luke Temple's School Visits - TestimonialsWorkshop

"The children and staff were captivated. Luke inspired the children to believe in themselves and to engage with reading and writing… they could barely contain their excitement. We would definitely recommend him." Julie Petitt, Literacy Coordinator, Whitehill Junior  

"We all agree that it is the most successful author visit we have ever had and are still amazed at the impact it has had on our children’s reading. Thank you Luke for such an inspiring time!" Cara Thomas, Literacy Coordinator, Ladygrove Primary

"Luke is a powerful role model for children who don't enjoy reading and writing. The children were held spellbound by Luke's ingenious, humorous and creative approach, and his unforgettable presentation will inspire and motivate them for some time to come." Ros Flanders, Deputy Head, Moorfield Primary

"The response from Luke’s visit has been fantastic! Not only was he popular across the classes, he has had a huge impact on our boys who are reluctant to write... Part of my initial reason for booking Luke was to raise aspirations and the profile of writing. I feel this has been achieved and more." Adam Ames, Head, Crudgington Primary

"The most exciting and inspiring author visit we have had in the 20 years I've been here" Mr Randles, William Shrewsbury School

"Luke's enthusiasm and personality really inspired the children … one of the most memorable days our school has had!" William Davis, Literacy Leader, Bushmead Primary

"Thank you Luke - you have made a huge difference to my son's life. He has lacked confidence in literacy, but after your visit he was so inspired that all he wants to do is read and write!" Email from a parent

"Luke was amazing. He really understood children’s humour and I was astonished at how many pupils he was able to involve in dramatic roles as part of his presentation." Candida Reece, Head, London Meed Primary

"This is the first time our son has been excited about (particularly fiction) reading! He usually HATES reading. Thank you!" Comment from the parent of a year 6 boy

"The children (and adults) loved meeting him as he was bursting with energy, enthusiasm and ideas that captured their imaginations. He wowed them with his amazing acting, videos and, of course, his stories!" Ron Gandolfo, Head, Lingfield Primary

"Staff and children alike really enjoyed his fantastic presentation and infectious enthusiasm. Luke provides an excellent example to all children (and particularly to less keen boy readers and writers). We will look forward to welcoming him again." Zoe Bromwich, Literacy Coordinator, Sevenoaks Primary School

"Luke visited my son's school and my he was really inspired to read Mutating Mansion, which he read in one sitting (normally takes him about 3 weeks to read a book). My son is dyslexic and this was the first book he has read from cover to cover without being nagged to read by me! More please." Email from a parent

"What an amazing presentation! It was truly inspirational! Writing is all about ideas and Luke brought that message across fantastically!" Head of Year 5, Thomas A Becket Middle School

"My son is a bit of a reluctant reader, so I was quite surprised when he came home from school yesterday telling me that an author had been in and please, please, please could I buy these books... He immediately sat down and started reading 'Stormy Cliff'. Please would you thank Luke so much for inspiring him." Email from a parent

"Luke was BRILLIANT yesterday! All the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. He is a particularly good role model for the boys, especially those who are reluctant readers and writers, as I understand Luke was himself... interactive, relevant and great fun!" Catherine Stoate, Head, St Cleer Primary

"Luke Temple was an ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION to our children… a great mix of storytelling, acting and audience participation left them spellbound!" Andy Watkins, Literacy Coordinator, Treloweth Primary

“Our school was buzzing after Luke’s visit. He has spurred the children on and inspired their learning. I can safely say that every child, from Reception through to Year 6, thoroughly enjoyed Luke’s visit.” Victoria Waring, Literacy Coordinator, Aqueduct Primary

"Luke is an impressive advocate for story making. If an author is needed to get an audience hanging on his every word and responding eagerly… Luke is clearly the man! He really got the children’s creative juices flowing... I can recommend him unreservedly." Kate Timaeus, Deputy Head, Durley Primary

"Luke is engaging, enthusiastic and energetic! He really captured their imaginations and had them buzzing with ideas! He has a very lively presentation style... that keeps the children thoroughly engrossed." Head of Year 6, Rose Green Junior

"Wow! ... he held his audience spellbound... The presentation is interactive and gets the children really involved… they love it! I would recommend Luke to any school in the land. Like everyone else in the audience, I found myself desperate to read his new book." Peter J Murray, children's author of Mokee Joe

"His visit was inspirational and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole school was enthralled by Luke throughout his presentation... One of my year 4 children was so impressed that he spent last night, unprompted, designing a front cover for Luke's book." Pip Otton, Head, Laburnum Grove Junior

"The presentation was absolutely fantastic. Luke captured the children's imagination from the moment he made his dramatic entrance. The workshop involved everyone. Many parents commented how excited their children had been when they explained what had happened that morning! The input has been outstanding... would wholeheartedly recommend him." Kim Thornton, Head, Boxgrove Primary

"Luke was fantastic, he engaged the children from the moment they met him and they were totally involved for the rest of the session. He inspired them to do some wonderful creative writing and I would happily recommend him to any other school. The children certainly hope he will visit us again." Sally Swann, Head, Ludlow Junior

Luke often receives letters from children he has met. Here are a few quotes from some of them:

From year 6s at Ladygrove Primary School:

"The whole school loves the way you dance and when you are funny (which you always are)"

"I am writing to you to thank you for being awesome. You have truly inspired me ... I wish you could teach me how to be so cool!"

"We really loved your crazy attitude and fun personality."

"You were magnificent! Your visit was EXTREMLY funny... you inspired me to read!"

"You are a true hero and have inspired me to read more than I do."

"Our reading has grown massively since your first extraordinary visit and every time you have brought smiles to everyone’s faces and made my day!"

"I thought you were going to be one of those authors who just sit there and reads us a boring book but NO you brought enthusiasm and confidence to your act. Before I saw you I thought reading was boring but now I've realised how reading can be exciting and fun."

"I think everybody’s favourite part was when you dressed up like a ballerina, well that was my favourite part!"

"Definitely the best part of your enthusiastic talk was every single bit of it"

"You were successfully astonishing once again! You shine a light into everybody's day."

From year 5s at Thomas A Becket Middle School:

"You are an inspiration to all the children in the world... One of our teachers didn't want to come in, now she is buzzing."

"Your presentation was awesome. I love the way you got everybody joining in"

"Nice presentation Luke, don’t ask which bit was my favourite cause I loved it all. One more thing, you must have inspired many children that day"

"I loved your performance! It was so FUNNY!"

"You’ve inspired us with your great acting and storytelling."

"You have inspired me to write and read. If I ever become an author, when children ask me who inspired me to write I will say Luke Temple."

From year 3s and 4s at St Mary's Primary School:

"We loved the presentation you put on for us and we definitely can't wait to read your books! You really brought the books to life and helped us get to know the characters. Thank you for making us all feel involved and for making us laugh! ... There was such a buzz in the air after we had seen you! This is something we will remember for a long time! We would love to see you again in the future! We wouldn't mind seeing the juggling again either!"