About Luke Temple and his booksLuke Temple

Luke Temple was born in 1988. When he was 10, Luke didn't enjoy reading, he was terrible at spelling and found writing hard work. Yet today he's an author, and he's on a mission to show children that they can enjoy reading and writing. When not behind his desk with his writing partners, a one eyed dog and a bald hamster, Luke spends most of his time visiting schools in the UK and internationally, bringing his stories to life with the children he meets.

""Your visit 2 years ago completely transformed my son's reading. He now reads all the time and enjoys it a great deal. Last year, he collected the most house points in his year which were mainly given to him for the time he spent reading!" A parent


                       Luke's books:

Ghost PostDoorway To DangerStormy CliffTraitor's Treasure

The Secret TheatreTraitor's RevengeBlubber MonsterAlbert and the Giant Squid

"Luke Temple is so talented... His books are exciting and spooky" Waterstone's

"Thank you for inspiring our son. These are the first 'real' books that he has read. His reading has gone from 15 minute sessions to up to 2 hour sessions! He loves reading now." A parent (about Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger)

"Luke visited my son's school and my he was really inspired to read Mutating Mansion, which he read in one sitting (normally takes him about 3 weeks to read a book). My son is dyslexic and this was the first book he has read from cover to cover without being nagged to read by me! More please." A parent

"Luke should be very honoured, my son has always refused to read books (they're boring) but Luke went into his school and now his books are all he talks about!! Big thank you to Luke!!!" A parent (about the 'Felix Dashwood' series)

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful book, my son never usually has the concentration to sit still long enough to read/listen to a whole book. He struggles with imagination, fantasy things but he absolutely loved this book!" A parent (about Albert and the Blubber Monster)

"My little girl says this is the best book she has ever read... it shows how gripping the story is. As she has nearly finished it, in bed as I write, I was ordered to buy anything I could find by him on Amazon!! Please write some more." A parent (about Mutating Mansion)

"Just wanted to congratulate Mr Temple on his wonderful books. My daughter has never shown such enthusiasm and sheer excitement whilst reading. She even goes to bed early so she can read them! Many thanks and how wonderful that an author can inspire such excitement and joy through his writing." A parent

"My son is a bit of a reluctant reader, so I was quite surprised when he came home from school yesterday telling me that an author had been in and please, please, please could I buy these books... He immediately sat down and started reading. Please would you thank Luke so much for inspiring him." A parent (about Ghost Post and Doorway To Danger)

"My son was keen to start reading Mutating Mansion last night and didn't want to stop. He even got up early this morning to read it. Whilst he did enjoy reading before, we always had to push him to do so and this represents a welcome change. I can only assume you and your story have inspired our son." A parent

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