The 'Stormy Cliff' Book Launch! (25th September 2008)

A very special celebration of the release of 'Stormy Cliff' with the children of Hurst College Prep School.

The launch kicked off with the surprise entrance of Captain Traiton, the pirate captain of the Tormenta. He got children up as his crew and everyone else acted as the stormy sea as he told the story of how his ship came to sink off Thistlewick Island.


Everyone then had their photo taken by the press.


Pirate' author's swashbuckling adventure

Then the author, Luke Temple, introduced the year 3s to Thistlewick Island, the setting for the story of 'Stormy Cliff', and they all did the Thistlewick dance.

1... 2... 3... 4...

Luke invited some of the residents of Thistlewick (played by year 6) to the front to introduce themselves. They included Ben and Harriet, the main characters in 'Stormy Cliff', Albert and Ernie the fishermen, the vicar, Miss Susan the flower arranger, Mr Potts the farmer, Mr Sharpe the swords salesman, Gladys the mad old woman and Sergeant Radley the policeman.

Ben and Harriet

After this, the year 3s went on a treasure hunt around Thistlewick Island. They were taken around by guides from Stormy Cliff School (Thistlewick's only school) and met all the residents. Each resident asked them a question and if they got the right answer they were given a letter, like 'W'. There were 9 to collect.

'Albert and Ernie: Can you name two types of fish we fishermen might catch out at sea?'

'The Vicar and Miss Susan: On what day of the year was Jesus born?

'Mr Sharpe and Gladys: A Norman soldier carried a sword, but can you name another weapon he might have carried?'

Once they had collected all the letters, the year 3s had to rearrange them to make the location where the treasure was hidden.

WHITE WING - the pub!

All those who managed to find the treasure were given 'Stormy Cliff' bookmarks.

The presentation ended with Luke reading and acting out the beginning of 'Stormy Cliff', with the help of Ben and Harriet.

Then there was a quick question and answer session...

... and finally a book signing...

... before everyone returned to the world of Hurst College Prep School.

The launch went very well indeed and was a superb way to celebrate the release of 'Stormy Cliff', an adventure story about two children on an epic journey across Thistlewick Island to find treasure to save their school.

'It was an event for the children, and they really enjoyed it, which is always the most important thing. It's a bonus that I had great fun too!' said Luke.

'I thought it was terrific and so did the children!' said Heather Beeby, head teacher of Hurst College Prep School.

Luke now has a busy time ahead of him as he begins his 'Stormy Cliff' Book Tour around schools in Sussex and across the UK.


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