The Secret Theatre Launch in Chichester, 1st to 10th March 2010

Between the 1st and 8th March Luke visited 9 schools in Chichester and Bognor Regis, giving presentations and workshops about the book. The children in these schools were the first to find out about The Secret Theatre, and many teachers described Luke’s visits as ‘inspirational’ and ‘amazing’! launch

Luke had a wonderful time during all his school visits and was very busy, but as those who have seen him will know, he did have a chance to catch up on his sleep at each school. He wants to say a big thank you to all the children he met – you were all a fantastic audience and came up with some really creative ideas. Luke also hopes that you’re now all fans of the Cheeky Girls...

On Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th March, Luke returned to all 7 schools with Waterstone’s to sign books. Waterstone’s in Chichester alone sold over 300 copies of The Secret Theatre in 5 days! It was a fantastic success! On the right is a photo of Luke with Jonathan from Waterstone’s, carrying the final crate of books on their last day of

But Luke’s tour doesn’t stop here. Now he is heading off to the midlands to visit schools in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Chester.


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