Ghost series

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Ghost Post BlurbGhost Post

Becky Evans is desperate to have an adventure, but the most fun she normally has is helping her mum deliver the post. That is until Spooky Steve turns up with his ghost-hunting TV show.

Becky’s attempts to get on TV go horribly wrong, when the ghost of an angry, old postmaster appears…

'I curse this post office! Soon my curse will fall!'

As the ghost’s curse takes effect, Becky’s mum disappears and Spooky Steve runs away. With only her best friend, Jimmy, to help, Becky must figure out how to stop the curse. But can she do it before everything she knows and loves is destroyed?

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Doorway To Danger BlurbDoorway To Danger

When Becky and Finn go ghost hunting inside the abandoned Thicket House, they have no idea of the dangers that await them.

A monstrous ghost, known as ‘the spectre’, traps them in the house. No matter how hard they try, they can’t get out. As the spectre’s evil plans become clear, Becky and Finn have to battle their fears and fight for their lives. Can they escape from Thicket House before it’s too late?

‘Becky watched in horror as a tentacle-like arm grew out of the spectre and pushed Finn. Finn fell, painfully slowly, down the stairs. Before she had a chance to react, Becky saw the spectre creeping towards her. She closed her eyes and curled herself up, waiting for the worst to happen.’

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Doorway To Danger BlurbThe Ghost Lord Returns

The Thistlewick Island fair celebrates the life of Lord Thistlewick, who created the island 300 years ago. It is a fun and happy occasion ... until Godiva Gibbons and her creepy clowns turn up. Becky uncovers Godiva’s evil plans to destroy the island.

The only way Becky can stop Godiva is to bring back the ghost of Lord Thistlewick himself. But no one has found Lord Thistlewick’s ghost for hundreds of years and Becky only has until the end of the fair! Her bravery is put to the ultimate test, as she battles against spectres, sharks, curses and hundreds of nasty ghosts in her search for the Ghost Lord. Can she find him in time and defeat the evil that is taking over Thistlewick Island?

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Reviews of the 'Ghost Island' series:

"Thank you for inspiring our son. These are the first 'real' books that he has read. His reading has gone from 15 minute sessions to up to 2 hour sessions! He loves reading now." A parent 

"My son is a bit of a reluctant reader, so I was quite surprised when he came home from school yesterday telling me that an author had been in and please, please, please could I buy these books... He immediately sat down and started reading. Please would you thank Luke so much for inspiring him." A parent

5/5 stars from Amy, Isabelle, Cameron, Madison, Jake, Joseph, Layland, George, Rhys

16/16 stars from Madison and Thomas

Cameron and Madison say: We recommend that it’s the best book Luke Temple has ever written

Jake and Joseph say: It is really epic and spooky

Layland and George say: This is a BRILLIANT story!!!!!!