Thistlewick Series

"Luke Temple has inspired so many children to read... His books are exciting and spooky!" (Waterstones)

5/5 stars from Amy, Lewis and Autumn-Rose (Ramsden Primary School)

Here are some reviews from children who have read Luke's books:

“… the way it is written is fantastic. When I read one chapter my heart was beating really fast.”

"... the ending was like an edge of your seat thriller."

"If you love mysterious stories then you must read this book... I read it really quickly because I was enjoying it so much." (Amazon review)

“… it was full of suspense and it made you really feel like you were there with all the drama happening.”

"My little girl says this is the best book she has ever read... it shows how gripping the story is. As she has nearly finished it, in bed as I write, I was ordered to buy anything I could find by Luke on Amazon!! Please write some more." (Amazon review)

“Just wanted to congratulate Mr Temple on his wonderful book. My daughter has never shown such enthusiasm and sheer excitement whilst reading a book. She even goes to bed early so she can read it! Many thanks and how wonderful that an author can inspire such excitement and joy through his writing.” (A Parent)

"Thank you for inspiring our son. These are the first 'real' books that he has read. His reading has gone from 15 minute sessions to up to 2 hour sessions! He loves reading now." (A Parent)

"Luke visited my son's school and my he was really inspired to read Mutating Mansion, which he read in one sitting (normally takes him about 3 weeks to read a book). My son is dyslexic and this was the first book he has read from cover to cover without being nagged to read by me! More please." (A Parent)

"My son is a bit of a reluctant reader, so I was quite surprised when he came home from school yesterday telling me that an author had been in and please, please, please could I buy him a book... He immediately sat down and started reading Luke's books. Please would you thank Luke so much for inspiring him." (A Parent)

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