Below you can find loads of fun downloads, including: scary masks you can print and cut out ... colouring in ... games ... puzzles ... and challenges. They're all based around Thistlewick Island, where Felix has all her adventures in the Felix Dashwood books.

To download the files below, right click on the blue writing and choose the 'Save as' option in the drop down menu.

SUPER-MEGA-DOWNLOAD: right click here to download EVERYTHING as 1 big file!!!

Or you can download them individually below...

1. Create your own scary theatre mask from Felix Dashwood: book 2!

2. Draw your own map of Thistlewick Island   3. Pirate games onboard the Tormenta

4. Captain Traiton's 'Pick Up Swords' game      5. Thistlewick Word Challenge

6. Stormy Cliff School activity      7. Miss Sugarplume's Flower Power Maths Game

8. Thistlewick Harbour Games      9. 'What's My Line' Fishing Game

10. Forest of Shadows activity      11. Forest of Shadows Maze Game

12. Shark Fin Cove Word Challenge     13. Thistlewick Pairs Game


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