Albert and the Blubber Monster

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When Albert and Ernie are out fishing they catch a magical bottle. It guides them to Shelldrake Island, where they meet Elody, a mermaid who is trapped there.


Elody is upset because the Blubber Monster has stolen her merstone and kidnapped her dad.

Albert and Ernie offer to help, but what will happen when they try to break into the Blubber Monster's castle? Can they find the merstone before the monster finds them?

Blubber Castle

5/5 stars from Matthew, Ella, Victoria, Freya and George (aged 6 and 7)

Why you should read this book:

Victoria says: It’s an amazing adventure because Albert meets a mermaid called Elody
Ella says: because it has a monster that snores
Matthew says: because it has an amazing ending

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