Young Luke

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About the Author

"Luke Temple is a young author with a lot of talent. His books have inspired so many children to read." Waterstone's

Luke Temple was born on Halloween, 1988. There are some quite surprising things about him:

When he was a child, Luke didn't enjoy reading, he was rubbish at spelling, and he found writing hard work. He also didnft like standing up in front of lots of people. Yet today he is an author and performs in front of thousands of children during his school visits.

Young Luke Temple

"Luke... is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the bright young talents of children's literature." Shropshire Star

Until the age of 13, Luke lived as an only child in the schools his parents taught at, and had great fun running around the school grounds and making up his own adventures.

Luke's books have been read in such far away places as Spain, America, Greece, Nigeria and Australia, as well as by many children around the UK.

When not behind his desk with his writing partners, a one-eyed dog called Sparky and a bald hamster called Cosmo, Luke spends most of his time visiting schools in the UK and internationally, bringing his stories to life with the children he meets. For him, this is the best part of his job.

Luke Temple

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